We are the only hosting company going beyond just making sure our electricity is environmentally friendly. Check out just some of the many other ways we are committed to helping the environment by viewing our hosting ecosystem sections below, and see how our green hosting network is powered by the sun, air and water.

Sun Energized Green Hosting solar panels

Our data center and office is powered by on-site solar panels within two arrays which generates our electricity. This grid is owned and operated by AISO to power our data center and office. We were the first solar powered hosting company that does not use energy credits. Click here to view a live shot of our solar panels.

Our solar panel system:
  • eliminates the production of harmful emissions with the equivalent of planting 8 acres of trees per year. Everything is powered by solar, including our office, all servers, a/c systems, networking and other hardware.
Saves emissions in 1 year:
  • over 34,488 pounds of CO2 (Greenhouse)
  • over 50.6 pounds of Nitrogen oxide (Smog)
  • over 37.4 pounds of Sulfate (Acid rain)

By using LED lighting it allows us to provide light using the most effective options in our building. LED lighting

Water Fueled Green Hosting

We looked to mother nature for inspiration in cooling and found it. Renewable, atmospheric energy in the air is used by our air conditioning systems which works similar to a thunderstorm, instead of large amounts of fossil fuels required by vapor (refrigerant) compression air conditioning systems found in most data centers. You could say, AISO is using air conditioners that are a thunderstorm in a box. air conditioning systems

Our Coolerado air conditioners use the same latent cooling process that transfers heat to a thunderstorm via atmospheric air, a clean,green renewable energy source. Water is evaporated into air in one chamber within the air conditioner, and this cools the air flowing in an adjacent chamber. Water vapor in the exhaust air holds the heat and is used for cooling our solar panels and to be renewed by the atmosphere.

Our air conditioning system:
  • eliminates the need for refrigerants by using 100% fresh, filtered, outdoor air. The system uses only a few hundred watts during cool weather by sucking in cold outside air and up to 600 watts during warm weather when rainwater is used to cool hot outside air.
Saves emissions in 1 year:
  • over 72,504 pounds of CO2 (Greenhouse)
  • over 106.2 pounds of Nitrogen oxide (Smog)
  • over 78.8 pounds of Sulfate (Acid rain)

Heat Island Effect

The sun produces rays of solar heat to warm the earth, our houses and our water. The solar radiation reaching objects that are not reflective on earth causes solar radiation (heat) to be absorbed, called Albedo, which raises the surrounding air temperature and causes a heat island effect. To combat this we have painted our building completely white. heat island effect

According to the Climate Change Research Conference in California, painting our building white reduces planet-heating carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere and keeps our building and surrounding air cooler. If all were switched to reflective material in 100 major urban areas, it would offset 44 metric gigatons of greenhouse gases, which is more than all the countries on Earth emit in a single year.

Our building painted white:
  • eliminates planet-heating carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere, reduces smog, cools our building, cools outside air, and offsets global warming.
Saves emissions of:
  • over 44,092 pounds of CO2 (Greenhouse)
  • over 64.7 pounds of Nitrogen oxide (Smog)
  • over 47.8 pounds of Sulfate (Acid rain)

Cleaner Air

We value clean air and to make sure surrounding city air is clean we have chosen a backup generator that runs on propane gas. Propane gas is cleaner burning which prevents dirty air in our environment, compared to diesel gas which is found at most other hosting companies. cleaner air

Normal data centers use diesel generators to provide backup power. Diesel soot, or diesel particulate, is the number one airborne carcinogen in California. A typical standby diesel generator produces 25-30 pounds of nitrogen oxides (NOx) per megawatt hour of power generated, 50 to 60 times the NOx pollution produced per megawatt hour by the typical mix of California gas-fired power plants.

Our propane generators:
  • eliminates large amounts of carbon dioxide, and produces no sulfur dioxide or particulates which is the primary causes of the greenhouse effect and acid rain. In fact, propane also meets the standards set by the federal Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) for reducing acid rain and controlling air pollution in urban areas. The CAAA heralds propane as one of the solutions to a cleaner, healthier environment. And since propane vaporizes rapidly, it won’t contaminate soil or groundwater.


Our data center uses both fiber optic and FCC licensed wireless links to provide the best possible redundancy. To prevent a fiber cut that we have employed wireless Internet which uses the air instead of the ground for our Internet conductivity. wireless internet backbones

AISO choose to use the air to provide Internet conductivity and uses existing wireless internet towers, some of which are solar powered. We have three separate Internet backbones which are carrier grade wireless FCC Licensed links, similar to the wireless links most telephone and government agency's use. Each wireless dish uses a different mount peak and ISP POP's/Nodes to provide redundancy in case of any failures.

Our wireless internet backbones:
  • eliminates the need to dig up the ground, roads and other areas if we need more internet feeds or more bandwidth.
Saves the environment by:
  • powering radio towers using solar panels
  • reducing electronic equipment needs and reduces power consumption
  • minimizing the disruption of natural habitats and ground environments
  • minimizing the use of heavy machinery which reduces fuel consumption and smog


Our air conditioning system uses pressure to force air from outside of our building into our server room. We have taken these already existing pressures and will be installing a mini wind turbine. The wind turbine installed in the ducting is used to generate electricity to charge batteries, 24 hours a day. The batteries then supply power that powers our 5 watt thin client computers used by our employees in our office.

Water Fueled

The cooling from evaporation of water just like the natural perspiration process in our bodies, is transferred to the air stream that enters our building, cooling our data center, servers and office. Hot, moist air is rejected to our solar panels for cooling and the moisture in the air is dried and renewed through rain for use again and again. air conditioning systems

Just like getting out of a pool in the summer time, a small wind will be enough across your wet skin to create cooling, this process is known as evaporative cooling. Our Coolerado air conditioning systems use mother nature for cooling in a similar fashion, water is evaporated into air in one chamber and this cools the air flowing in an adjacent chamber. The cold air is used for cooling while the water vapor holding the heat is exhausted outside to be renewed by the atmosphere.

Our air conditioning system:
  • eliminates the need for refrigerants by using rainwater collected off our buildings, which is then used to cool outside air. This cold outside air is then pushed into our data center and office. These methods use 90% less electricity (600 watts max), create an EER of 40+, use water instead of electricity for cooling, and have zero water impact.
Saves emissions in 1 year:
  • over 72,504 pounds of CO2 (Greenhouse)
  • over 106.2 pounds of Nitrogen oxide (Smog)
  • over 78.8 pounds of Sulfate (Acid rain)

Rainwater Collection

Our air conditioning systems and green roof need water, we looked to mother nature to provide what it already gives us for free, rainwater. Using our rainwater collection system on our roof, the rainwater collected is used for our air conditioning systems for cooling and to water our green roof during dry periods. rainwater collection system

The long history of rainwater collection, can be traced as far back as ancient times some 3,000 years ago (850 BC) if not even farther. Using our rainwater collection system, the rainwater collected is used for our air conditioning systems for cooling and to water our green roof. The excess water from watering our green roof is recouped by our rainwater collection system.

Our rainwater collection system:
  • eliminates the need for city water by using rainwater collected off our building. This allows 100% of our water usage to come from mother nature.
Water collection specs:
  • first flush system to remove water contaminants during first rain
  • storage for over 10,000 gallons of water
  • green roof & air conditioning system drain water is reclaimed for reuse

Green Roof

Green roof history stems from ancient times such as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, built by King Nebuchadnezzar II in about 600 B.C., were mountain-like series of planted terraces. More recent engineering of green roofs are the early European settlers in the Great Plains of North America built "soddies," or sod-covered homes, during the period of westward expansion. Taking these ideas we are in the process of building a green roof to cool our data center and office to reduce temperatures by 20 degrees or more.

According to the EPA
Every year's
solar panel system will eliminate the production of:
    lbs of Carbon Dioxide
    lbs of Nitrogen Oxide
    lbs of Sulfate (SO4/Acid Rain)

    This is the equivalent of planting 8 acres of trees per year or driving a vehicle for 38,216 miles per year.
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