We are the only hosting company going beyond just making sure our electricity is environmentally friendly. Check out just some of the many other ways we are committed to helping the environment by viewing our hosting ecosystem sections below, and see how our green hosting network is powered by the sun, air and water.

Sun Energized Green Hosting solar panels

Our data center and office is powered by on-site solar panels within two arrays which generates our electricity. This grid is owned and operated by AISO to power our data center and office. We were the first solar powered hosting company that does not use energy credits. Click here to view a live shot of our solar panels.

Our solar panel system:
  • eliminates the production of harmful emissions with the equivalent of planting 8 acres of trees per year. Everything is powered by solar, including our office, all servers, a/c systems, networking and other hardware.
Saves emissions in 1 year:
  • over 34,488 pounds of CO2 (Greenhouse)
  • over 50.6 pounds of Nitrogen oxide (Smog)
  • over 37.4 pounds of Sulfate (Acid rain)

By using LED lighting it allows us to provide light using the most effective options in our building. LED lighting

According to the EPA
Every year's
solar panel system will eliminate the production of:
Clients that rely on green hosting services: