Web Based File Management & Collaboration

MyGreenFileManager is a web based file management and collaboration system that allows you to manage your files remotely, through an innovative easy to use web based interface, your phone or your computer. Using optional software for Mac, Windows and your Phone to access your files right from any device. This software allows you to map a drive so that you can access your files as if they were on your computer and then access them remotely via a web browser when you're away.

It is an easy to use method of exchanging files with your clients or colleagues. Enable your clients and colleagues to securely access, upload and organize documents. Maintain a client support area, where you can collaborate and share data with clients, suppliers and business partners. Provide secure access via your Web site to documents such as product data sheets, reports or contracts - and collect people's input on them. Distribute information to your employees. Give them easy access to company forms, corporate guidelines, manuals, training libraries, marketing studies, and other information that they may be needing right now to give their best.

With this system, even non-technical users are able to quickly set up a workspace for a response team, inside a department or across other organizational groups. Eliminate problems caused by bounced e-mails, exceeded quotas or filtered attachments. Being 100% web based, a browser is the only thing a user will need for sending and receiving files.

Key features include:
Manage files and folders from your mobile device or computer using a windows mapped drive via optional software
Upload, download, delete, preview & more from your iOS and Android mobile device using our web interface or install a software app.
All communication between your web browser and our servers is SSL encrypted
Assign separate logins, home folders & disk space to your users, co-workers, suppliers or business partners
Drag & drop easy uploading
Upload entire folders including tree structure
Transfer resume capabilities
Ability to upload ZIP files and extract their contents with a click
Import e-mail attachments directly from POP3 mail accounts
Displays thumbnails and generate previews for image type files
Movies can be viewed online using built-in player
MP3 audio files can be played using embedded player
File Versioning helps you keep track of your work
Automatically store different versions of the same file when uploading
File locking keeps other users from making changes to a file
Ability to lock/unlock files without uploading a new version
Download, restore or delete previous versions of files
Search the contents of approximately 30 recognized file formats
View and edit documents, images and other types of files
Share files to one person or to an entire group of users at once
Allow file/folder web downloads with limits, expirations, passwords & more
Download folders by zipping them on the fly
Send files as e-mail attachments
E-mail Notifications can automatically notify multiple people about specific actions
And more...

* $0.40 per user per month and $1.00 per GB per month, pay as you go.
* $20.00 one time account setup fee

How to Order

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