Enterprise E-mail Archiving

Protect, archive and simplify search for e-mails across your organization.

Features include:
  • Secure and fully-indexed archive
  • Tamper-resistant chains of custody maintain integrity
  • View, export, and restore e-mails
  • E-mail Notes and Tagging
  • Fulfill requirements of HIPAA, FRCP, SOX, FINRA, GLB, NYSE, NASD, SEC, ISO & others
  • E-mails are stored on a RAID based storage system
  • 100% data capture, including attachments
  • And much more...

E-mail Archiving

Monthly $5.25/Mailbox/Month
Setup Fee: $10
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 7 Year Yetention
  • AES-128 E-mail Encryption
  • Inbuond/Oubound Archiving
  • Fully Web Based
  • E-mail, Live Chat & Phone Support
  • AISO E-mail Service Required

E-mail Archiving Features

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from secure, affordable E-mail Archiving

E-mail Retention

Our E-mail Archiving solution provides bottomless e-mail retention storage for 7 years. Implement e-mail archiving with no high costs, configuration or software downloads.


Secure E-mail Storage

E-mail in transit to be archived is encrypted by SSL. Once in storage, it is encrypted using AES-128.

Comprehensive Search

Search across some or all users message text, attachments, and metadata. Save searches for later viewing or for others to view.

End User Access

Empower employees to quickly and easily locate important e=mails without IT assistance. End user access to their individual archive makes lost e-mail a thing of the past while letting IT resources focus on other projects.

Message Backup

Delete with confidence. E-mail Archiving automatically saves all incoming and outgoing messages with unlimited space. Search and restore messages from your archive.

Endless Inbox

E-mail Archiving creates a truly endless inbox where users can delete messages as needed. End-users can recover accidentally deleted messages with header information and attachments intact. With unlimited storage and e-mail backup, bloated inboxes and PST files become a thing of the past.


Unlike an onsite deployment, dependent on constant expansion of resources to meet growing needs, E-mail Archiving grows to accommodate your messaging load with no additional time or expense on your part. With our architecture, the archive storage scales to your needs.