Our cloud is ultra fast, autoscalable & allows you to customize your needs.

Our Cloud VPS servers provide the ultimate hosting experience using the best in class technology.

All of our VPS Plans include:
  • Enterprise redundant hardware & SSD drives
  • Energy Efficient Data Centers
  • Full root access via Console & SSH
  • Dedicated RAM, IP and Storage
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee with Expert USA Based Support
  • Native Dual-Stack IPv4 & IPv6 Support

Pick the plan that suits you most

  • Plan
  • Cores
  • Storage
  • RAM
  • Bandwidth
  • Price
  • Plan1

  • Cores1

  • Storage30 GB

  • Ram1 GB

  • Bandwidth2 TB

  • $10.00/mo

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  • Plan2

  • Cores1

  • Storage40 GB

  • Ram2 GB

  • Bandwidth3 TB

  • $20.00/mo

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  • Plan3

  • Cores2

  • Storage50 GB

  • Ram4 GB

  • Bandwidth4 TB

  • $45.00/mo

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  • Plan4

  • Cores2

  • Storage100 GB

  • Ram4 GB

  • Bandwidth4 TB

  • $60.00/mo

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  • Plan5

  • Cores2

  • Storage125 GB

  • Ram5 GB

  • Bandwidth5 TB

  • $75.00/mo

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  • Plan6

  • Cores2

  • Storage150 GB

  • Ram6 GB

  • Bandwidth6 TB

  • $100.00/mo

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  • Plan7

  • Cores2

  • Storage200 GB

  • Ram6 GB

  • Bandwidth10 TB

  • $150.00/mo

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  • PlanOn Demand

  • CoresUp to 12

  • StorageUp to 1TB

  • RamUp to 32GB

  • BandwidthAny

  • Starting at 0.9Ā¢/hour

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Flexible hosting for fast-growing needs


All Cloud VPS plans have the ability to run cPanel and WHM, license options are available if needed on checkout.

Global Regions

With our On Demand plan, you have access to other green data center locations such as the UK that lets you have VPSs close to your users. They may not be as green as AISO but at least they are trying!

Pay As You Go

With our On Demand plan, meet user demand without having to pay for underutilized capacity, pay for what you use with per hour billing. Add, remove, upgrade & downgrade as many servers as you need.

Load Balancing, Scaling, CloudMotion & DRaaS

Our On Demand plan supports Load Balancing, Cluster Scaling, CloudMotion & DRaaS. Load balancing & cluster auto-scaling is free & allows you to load balance requests between multiple VMs & scale VM resources or add new VMs to the cluster. CloudMotion allows you to move VMs across geographic locations. For an extra cost, enable real-time DR per VM.

Security Included

Your VPS comes with a user configurable network firewall and runs on KVM with the latest updates.

Mix 'n Match

To accommodate traffic spikes, development & test needs, and other variables, you can mix AISO's Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Co-Location and cloud servers seamlessly together.

All Cloud VPS plans include:

Enterprise Quality

Each hardware node utilizes a localized SAN, which provides redundant data protection across multiple physical nodes & high speed local disk access, SSD hard drives, 56Gb Infiniband storage network, dual Intel E5 Processors, redundent power supplies & network connections.

Full Redundancy

Unlike our competitors, our Cloud VPSs have resilience at every level, even if there is a physical node failure, your VPS will reboot on another node in seconds. Due to there being no single point of failure, we are able to provide you with near 100% uptime & availability.

99.99% Service Uptime

Our network features multiple bandwidth providers, BGP latency/loss route optimization, 24/7 monitoring, & a completely N+1 redundant data center. Our SSD & Infiniband technology improves overall page load speeds as well.

CPU Bursting

All Cloud Servers come with a certain amount of guaranteed CPU power based on the server specifications you order. However, at any time we have extra CPU power available from the host hardware, you can take advantage of it providing your workloads extra processing power.

Many OS Options

Dozens of pre-configured 64-bit & 32-bit templates available such as Windows Server, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, Fedora, FreeBSD & more. As well as application templates like cPanel, Plesk & LAMP. And use our On Demand plan to create Container servers or Debian docker.io servers.

VPS Management Control Panel

You will be able to control all aspects of your VPS through our VPS management control panel, making managing your server or servers easy.

Quick Provisioning

Once your order has been verified, your VPS will be ready to use within a few minutes.

Fully Managed Hardware

We configure and manage the cloud infrastructure and software to reduce your day-to-day IT maintenance, you just manage the server OS and apps.

Templates & Backups

Take backups on demand and/or on a daily, weekly or monthly auto schedule. Use the backup snapshots to clone or replicate your servers or as master templates for scaling.