Advanced Spam Protection

No other solution combines a success rate of over 90%. AISO's Green Anti-Spam Solution is a complete custom solution (not just a cPanel mail system), that is implemented on the front end MX servers instead of the desktop, meaning no PC resources are used to filter and manage spam. This also means that the mail services are redundent and do not reside on the same server where you website is hosted. AISO uses dozens of filters because no single filtering technique works well enough to prevent spam from being a nuisance. Spammers try everything to get the messages into your mailbox and depending on the spam, some techniques work better than others. AISO uses the industry's best spam and phishing filtering techniques on every message. Each message goes through over 20 different checks that includes DNSBLs, double anti-virus scanning (two different virus scanners), keyword scanning, URLBLs, SpamAssassin, SPF, DKIM, Greylisting, connection checking, and many others.