Customer Testimonials

"What made me chose AISO is solar power. I was working on solar cell research for several years, and I am convinced that this technology has a future. The best way of convincing other people of its potential is to use it and to show its reliability. I guess web-hosting is an application where customers are very demanding about 24 hour availability, and providing it, even guaranteeing it, is a rigorous proof for the technology. I see my site up and running all year round, I think you are doing a great job."

- Franz

"Why do I love these guys? It's all about the service and caring. The folks at really care about your business and it shows. In addition their knowledge about operating systems, hardware and all the other necessary evils of having a successful internet business is second to none. I couldn't imagine having anybody else maintain my servers."

- Craig

"AISO has provided reliable web hosting for my sites for close to five years now. Their customer service is exemplary, their response time virtually immediate. If you're looking for reliability and stability, you're found it. AISO will take care of you."

- Chris

"AISO is on top of the game when it comes to providing a professional relationship with web design companies and web hosting clients. I have personally experienced the ease and enjoyment of working with the staff of for the past 5 years. Any time I was in need of assistance I was given timely help via phone or email. AISO is a company that prides itself in taking care of their clients on a personal basis. My emails are answered in a very timely fashion. More amazing, is that when I place a phone call I am able to talk to a person, not an answering machine. Phil Nail and his team is top notch in my book. Two Thumbs Up!"

- Doug

"I don't think there has ever been a time that I have ever not been able to reach someone on the phone. I can't tell you how great that is to get a live person on the phone and get answers to very important questions. I say important because our website is our livelihood. We are receiving between 200,000 to 300,000 thousand hits a month and on a average of 600 to 700 visitors a day. I can't remember the last time our site has been down. If it is ever was down over the last six years I can't remember when. I have had opportunity to change servers but I have no intentions of ever doing so. I guess it is similar to our business that you really get a person or persons that care about the business rather than just an employee."

- Jeff

"I have worked as a web developer and consultant for twelve years. AISO provides the best hosting support of any of the ten or so providers I have worked with. I initially moved my own site to AISO for their solar power and quickly learned that they are different. They respond quickly, are very willing to discuss and resolve technical problems beyond my expectations, and even answer the phone. Their service is personal, which I think is the highest compliment for any company today."

- Sean

"We chose AISO to house our servers because their datacentre is powered in a way that is complimentary to the environmentally friendly solution were building to offer our clients. We pride ourselves on the quality and speed of support we offer and AISO are the perfect company for us to be working with because they hold to the same principles. Whenever we need them, they are there, day or night. You couldn't ask for better service."

- Jamie

"If you're looking for excellent customer service and a responsive support team, then I suggest AISO.NET for all your website needs. They handle all the details, troubleshoot and correct any problems, and make the process worry free. Most importantly, in today's large corporate structure, it's exceptional to be able to actually talk with a real live person to discuss a problem or simply ask questions. And their pricing is second to none! I trust the folks at AISO.NET - they offer professional service with a personal touch, and the people are truly great to work with!"

- Steve

" provides the best customer service. They are always polite on the phone. I have sophisticated requirements and when problems come up (which happens in the tech world!) we always work through them in a timely fashion. I have been with for years and have recently moved from shared hosting to a dedicated server."

- Steve

"These guys are great - when something goes wrong - they are on to it - we love working with them - first name terms - high tech "state of the art" setup with a down to earth - feet on the ground feel - absolutely fantastic!"

- European Yoga Network

"Ok, so we have not tested every technical support in the entire universe. But we would still be inclined to say that the crew at AISO are the best on Earth. So why would we say that? Real help from real people. It is not just that they are totally eco or the fact that their whole operation is solar powered, but that you get help from people with names who actually read your emails and come to your rescue. Not to say that anything would ever go wrong with something as deep and technical as web hosting, oh no, but should there ever be any little problem, you know someone is there to back you up and dig you out. And the hosting? Well, it is as REAL as going organic, eco and green with a totally aligned human touch..."

- Steven and Abby

"Once we found AISO we were able to do what we had wanted; create a Clean Green Hosting Service. Now we can focus on building the company and personal customer service because we know that the servers are always up and running. We are proud to be partnering with AISO."

- Bob

"3D Tek has been with for over 3 years. The hosting service they have provided 3D Tek is excellent. You can count on AISO getting done what they say they will do and keeping your site up and running. 3D Tek continues to use AISO and recommends it to all our clients."

- Emil

"All the team at Aiso have been nothing but helpful, from my pre-sales enquiries, all the way through to helping me get things set up, and support when it's needed. They are always looking for ways to improve the service and products they offer and I'm proud to be working with them. Above all, they are probably the most environmentally sustainable hosting company you could possibly find and continue to take more steps then most other so-called "green web hosts". I look forward to developing ties over the years and getting to know the team better."

- Dan

"Thank you for all the support you have given me over the years that I have been a reseller for you. I wouldn't have been able to do it without your guidance. Your staff has always come through in the clutch and I've asked you to pull some pretty incredible stuff off. I appreciate the constant evolution of your company as it keeps up with technology and gives me the edge that I need to compete with the larger companies. Keep up the excellent performance; we resellers truly appreciate what you are doing for us. Thank you again AISO."

- Rick

"Cheers to you and the rest of the AISO team! I've used other hosting providers in the past, and they cannot come close to the level of service and reliability that you provide. I've been a customer going on my first year, and have had 100% uptime. This of course is very hard to come by, and I feel lucky to have discovered your company. In addition your staff is always extremely friendly and helpful when I have questions.

Your reliance on green energy to power your facility and server systems was also a big selling point for me, and I'm happy to say that you haven't disappointed. I'll continue to recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for the best hosting service out there, because I know you will exceed they're expectations. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!"

- Chris

"Eco Gift, Inc. chose Affordable Internet Services Online (AISO) because we wanted to go with a company that demonstrated conscious business practices and concern for the environment. Little did we know that this company would be staffed by people who ALWAYS PICK UP THE PHONE and address my specific business issues on the fly. Being a small business owner myself, I know what has to go into customer service to be able to claim that you will always be there for your customers. AISO delivers that claim and backs it up with their presence."


- Tommy

"I was just talking with a friend about how I got started in my business and I thought of how lucky I was to find AISO back in 2001. As I begin my 7th year as sole-proprietor of Studiotwentytwo, I cannot ignore the fact that I would not be where I am now without You encouraged me to get started as a reseller even though I lacked confidence, and I have benefited immensely from your services for the past 6 years. You guys are great - I feel like we're old friends and things wouldn't be the same without Phil and Sherry and"

- Cassi

"As a designer/developer in the internet world it's all too easy to be fooled by ISPs claiming to provide an abundance of features that in turn can't be supported when the need arises. After an exhaustive search I feel I have truly found an internet service provider that can support all technical aspects of my project needs. The level of support provided by AISO is unbelievable, no more waiting on hold, no more downtime, and no more frustrations. Since I moved to AISO I'm no longer just an account number."

- Nathan

"It's hard to believe a company like exists! After dealing with big companies with no service, AISO brings a refreshing change to business. They combine prized customer service with fantastic and broad technology capabilities. In other words, they offer what the big boys offer with a down-home, country courtesy. AISO is the best deal on the internet! (For the environmentalists - can't beat the solar power either)."

- Andrea

"In the eight years I've been doing business with AISO, you have never failed to promptly and professionally solve any problems or questions I've had. Compared to other service-oriented companies, the people at AISO truly understand the value of customer service.

Again, just let me say "Thanks!" to you and all of the staff at AISO for doing such an outstanding job."

- Ken

"Becoming an AISO customer has truly been an inspiration for me. My work is focused on developing web applications that promote clean technology and protect the environment. For several years, I've worked in this capacity on various projects for the UN. As much as I value that experience, there's nothing like walking the talk: actually demonstrating the present-day practicality of clean energy to power a critical server infrastructure. AISO enables me to do that, and they also demonstrate a terrific service ethic that is so needed today. I am very grateful to have found AISO and plan to enhance my dedicated server capacity there as my business evolves."

- Stephen

"The AISO tech support team consistently delivers world-class customer service; their speed, expertise and willingness to go above-and-beyond sets a standard that the rest of the tech industry could learn from. We signed up with AISO for their solar powered dedicated servers, but their service and tech support will keep us as loyal clients for a long time to come."

- The Belton Group

"You are on the BALL!!! just running away with it. I appreciate your work and your brothers as well, not to mention your mothers and fathers, it's nice to see a family working together the way AISO performs."

- Kyle

"Two important reasons why we are customers.

One, We really like the Solar Energy part of the business. It's nice to know a renewable resource is being used.

Two, we have been customers for 7 years and when we need help we get help. We get to talk to a live well trained tech person from AISO who has always fixed any problem even when it is a problem caused by our software.

For anyone who has spent frustrating hours with an out-sourced tech person with very limited computer knowledge who only knows several general "fix" procedures you'll appreciate AISO knowledgeable tech support that can diagnosis any problem.

Dependability, Good Customer Service, Price, and a comfort level knowing we can will always be online and performing at maximum efficiency with AISO are the reason we are customers."

- Brian

"Tahoe Design Software needed a dependable, 24/7 website where our customers can download our software worldwide. I was sold on the features that AISO offered and have been extremely please with the support that they have provided. I know I can depend on Phil and the crew at AISO to keep us up and running non-stop and provide new features as our company has expanded!"

- Brian

"Working with AISO for the past 4 years has been a great experience. Compared to other web hosting providers, AISO has always provided fast and personable service - two rare commodities these days. Moreover, it is wonderful to know that AISO services operate on solar power. And, oh yes by the way, our websites have been reliably up and running virtually all of the time."

- Mike