Enterprise DDoS Proteciton

DDoS attacks are constantly on the rise, and DDoS protection for your servers is now a necessity. Both our free and paid DDoS protection offers mulitple layers of detection and protection for Layer 3, 4 and layer 7 attacks.

Basic DDoS Protection - Free
The basic protection that comes with all of our services is a automated detection and mitigation solution which is used to mitigate small attacks.

Advanced DDoS Protection - Paid
We offer a monthly DDoS protection service which is available to all of our dedicated server, hosting and VPS clients, that allows you to be protected from larger DDoS attacks. You can choose from protection starting at 10Gbps all the way up to 400+Gbps. To sign up or more info, just contact us.

All Plan Features
Filtering of all known vulnerabilities as well as emerging zero-day attacks
Fully Automated DoS/DDoS Detection and Mitigation.
Full DDoS Mitigation Network.
Active and unobstructive latency-free protection from all attacks, including SYN, HTTP GET & POST, ICMP, UDP floods, and more.
Multi-layer technology allows the system to detect and mitigate attacks of all sizes and complexities within seconds of detection.

What attacks does your DDoS solution protect from?

Our DDoS protection protects from Layer 3, 4 and layer 7 attacks and is an actual DDoS Protection mitigation solution designed to protect you from DDoS attacks. It is not a firewall or IDS device, its a global cloud DDoS mitigation network using BGP Anycast and mulitple global mitigation data centers. Most other solutions only protect you from layer 3 and layer 4 attacks, and if they protect you from layer 7, they usually charge for it or only provide basic limited layer 7 protection for free. Here is a list of some of the many attacks we protect you from.

  • TCP Fragment
  • TCP, UDP & ICMP Floods
  • Malformed HTTP Header Attacks
  • Slow-HTTP Request Attacks
  • SYN Floods Against SSL Protocols
  • Malformed SSL Attacks
  • SSL Renegotiation Attacks
  • SSL Exhaustion
  • SIP Request Floods
  • IGMP
  • Brute Force
  • Connection Flood
  • Spoofing / Non-Spoofed
  • Mixed SYN + UDP or ICMP + UDP flood
  • Ping of Death
  • DNS Cache Poisoning Attacks
  • DNS Amplification
  • Smurf
  • Reflected ICMP and UDP
  • Teardrop
  • Botnets
  • Blackenergy, Darkness, YoYoDDoS, etc...
  • Slowloris/Pyloris, slowhttptest and Pucodex
  • Sockstress and ApacheKiller
  • Voluntary Botnets
  • HOIC, LOIC, etc...
  • Application Attacks
  • Zero-day DDoS attacks
  • Apache and Windows vulnerabilities
  • Custom Attacks - Unique to your service