SolarCloud Hosting - FAQs

What is the SolarCloud?

Imagine being able to provision a server in minutes or upgrade a server automatically. This is the idea behind SolarCloud servers. Totally customizable, each cloud server gives you full root access to dozens of Linux distributions, pre-configured OS/Application templates, or many Windows images of your choice. Your price depends on how large a server you buy and how much bandwidth you use. The SolarCloud has access to local, Linux MD RAID 10 disk storage, much like you'd expect in a physical server. This is important because it means your server has protection against drive and server failures. If for some reason the host server running the VPS instances does fail or becomes degraded, it will automatically restart and/or migrate your VPS to another physical server for you. A failure doesn't mean that your down.

Based on KVM virtualization technology for Linux and Windows, AISO's SolarCloud hosting brings the power of the cloud and our solar powered data center through AISO's Infrastructure to offer your the greenest cloud hosting offering possible. Your cloud servers provides total flexibility for you to run anything you want-from a Java website, to a Ruby on Rails application, to a .NET application.

Why do you bill hourly?

Our hourly On-Demand service is a utility-based model that caters to both 24x7 server customers and also to developers who may only need a server for a couple of days. For those who need the server for a couple of days only, they pay for the time the server is deployed, based on number of hours. With this model, you pay only for what you use.

If you bill hourly then why do you show a monthly plans? Do you charge both hourly and by the month?

For the user who doesnt need to adjust their server specs, need to scale server count dynamically, or need to have different servers on and off at different times; the monthly model was made for you. We package all the most used configuration options in a cheaper price then the On-Demand service, ready to go right out of the gate.

We bill on an hourly basis once a month at the beginning of the month for our On-Demand service and bill once a month on the anniversary of your signup date for the monthly plans. Click here to use our On-Demand calculator to run some estimates of what it might cost to use AISO's SolarCloud Servers for your project.

If I am not using my server or do not have traffic to it, do I still have to pay for it?

Yes. Currently the server would either be running or you would have to delete it altogether. There is no "suspension" mode where you are not charged while not receiving traffic to the server. With the On-Demand plan, if the server is powered off you will be charged less then when the server is powered on.
If you want to stop paying for the server, another option is to take a snapshot of the server, store the snapshot, and then delete the server. The snapshot option is the least cost. If you want to use the server again, you would restore the server by creating a new cloud server from the stored snapshot.

What is the difference between Cloud Servers and dedicated servers?

With AISO's SolarCloud servers, you can deploy a server in a few minutes, versus waiting for a AISO to do the server deployment. You can also resize the plan and bring up multiple cloud servers quickly and easily for much less money. AISO's Dedicated servers use higher end and faster hardware, cloud platform and SAN for data storage, as well as having a managed network firewall as well.

Is bandwidth free between SolarCloud servers?

Yes if you use the Private Network, which you will get a private IP for each cloud server, and bandwidth between them is free. If, however, you use a Public network and IPs, there is a cost for bandwidth.

How do I scale with AISO's SolarCloud servers?

You have three options: 1) You can log in to the control panel and click "Adjust Resource Allocation" to resize the server. It usually takes a few minutes, but it depends on the amount of data you have stored. 2) You can take a snapshot of your cloud server and then create new cloud servers based on that snapshot. 3) You can resize the server via our cloud servers API.

How much CPU do I get?

In our monthly VPS plans you get 4 CPUs and a set CPU Priority depending on the VPS plan, there is no way to change this. For our On-Demand service, the cloud server host machines have many multiple core processors and you can choose how many CPUs your VM gets as well as how much CPU Priority your VM gets as well.

In addition to these guaranteed minimum CPU cycles (CPU Priority), all cloud servers are capable of CPU bursting which allows them to utilize excess CPU cycles that are available on the host machine.

Can I upgrade my storage or RAM without upgrading the entire plan?

Yes you can.

Can I import my own image or export an image of a server?

Yes you can via ISO file uploading for importing, currently exporting is not possible yet.